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Who Has YOUR Back?

Who Has YOUR Back?

I’m in my happy place as I write this, tucked cozily into the recliner I gave my husband – for a birthday or Father’s Day or Christmas one year or other. This chair is my Happy Place. Here I supported in just the right way, as if sitting with a giant hand holding my back, so I feel the “effortless freedom” needed to create, write or NAP, or whatever called for! With this definition, this chair is my Ally.

We can’t do anything BIG and meaningful in the world without Allies. Whose support do you CRAVE right now to get where you want to go?

That’s exactly what I was thinking about when I went for my early morning run. Looking up the first hill, I saw a man running my way, a pretty rare sight at that time of day. So when he got to a couple of feet from me, I was surprised to see my friend Christian, who sings in our church choir. An Ally.

About a mile further, two bikers were riding toward me and I heard a loud, “Lyyynnnnne!” before getting a fast high-five from the woman closest to me – the mom I carpool with for our boys’ swim practices. Yes, another Ally.

I love Dr. Kevin Elko’s version of today’s quote. He says, “There are burning bushes all around us. Those who notice take off their shoes. The rest of us just sit around eating blackberries.”

The house I grew up in had a “burning bush” just outside the front door. When we moved, my mom planted a burning bush at the new house. My dad just sold that house a few years ago, but the house my husband and I bought when we got married has a burning bush, so we’re covered. Burning bushes became symbolic of our family’s strength together. Another Ally.

Moses’ burning bush takes the metaphor to a whole new level – to that which is sacred and holy around us… and easy to miss.

As you list in your head the Allies you call on to help you get where you want/need to go, don’t miss those unlikely allies. Think about challenges, “thorns” in our sides – whether a person, sickness, or a habit we keep bumping up against… What’s good about that? (One of my favorite coaching questions!) How can that negative in your life help you grow? What strengths can you find inside to get past that thorny hedge?

And that, my friend, is the final Ally for today’s post. Your inner self, the gifts you came with and the ones you’ve grown into, are always there to support you when you need to step up to the next level!

I hope you end up with a very long list of Allies. In your quest, remember to take coaches/mentors/teachers with you – yes, more Allies! Please leave comments and feedback about this post – including what you came up with and/or what’s missing.  I look forward to serving you regularly and often!